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Piketurn is the home of The Gender Agenda. Two years in the life of a mother and father who want to tell the world about the pink and blue divide that is limiting children's lives. 
Through their Twitter account @GenderDiary Ros Ball and her partner James Millar have been cataloguing the drip-drip-drip of gendered messages their children receive. The diary is an eye opening look at the way children are treated differently from birth depending on their gender. The book shares their ideas for how we can break gender stereotypes.
On this site you can find out about the book, discover how and why it was written, and what's happening next. You can contact us, ask questions and tell us your news too.

Buy the book

The Gender Agenda
by Ros Ball & James Millar
published July 2017
Paperback/ Ebook| £9.99
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN 178592320X